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13 Reasons Why-RATED Part III (Final Review)

Welcome to the final review of the show “13 Reasons Why”. I am going to go into details of the final episode and tell you if I feel you should watch the movie. I am going to do my best to keep the spoilers to a minmum, however I would skip past the review of the final episode if you don’t want spoilers on the ending and go straight to my actual review of the entire show. You can read Part I and Part II of the 13 Reasons Why reviews by clicking on the links.

Here goes the final episode review of 13 Reasons Why- Part III

Tape 7: Side A aka Mr. Porter

Tape 7 has to be the most heartbreaking episode. There was an adult that heard Hannah say she didn’t want to live anymore and he just played it off as if it didn’t mean anything. As an adult and a counselor he should have tried harder to help her and he just didn’t. He allowed her to walk away. Maybe he was just too busy with his wife and his new baby and 2 year old child to care about a teenager. It was his job to hurt her. But, school counselors don’t really care. It’s just a job to them.

The saddest part was the denial of the mother when she found her daughter in the tub. It broke my heart.

Review- Part III

Overall I felt that the show lacked the ability to keep my attention. Sometimes it did an amazing thing that grabbed my attention but it never kept my attention. There were several times that I found myself falling asleep watching it. Or if I paused it, I had a difficult time coming back to watch it. All of the reasons up to #12 weren’t subjectible to suicide for me. I know how it feels to have rumors spread about you and to feel lonley. I know how it is to lose your best friend and go throuh high school with no friends at all. I know how it is to be torn to pieces and have to pick yourself back up. #12 is what did it. I think that’s enough to break any young girl. She had no one to talk to and no where to run. She was isolated and hurt. She was suffocated in her own silence and the only way to be heard was to end it all. There are better shows out there that demonstrates the kind of pain and torture that a person who is suicidal goes through.



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