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13 Reasons Why- RATED, Part II

Thank you for joining me again for Part II of my personal review for 13 Reasons Why. If you hadn’t had a chance to read my previous review yet, please do. You can do so by clicking here. 

Part I was about the first six episodes. This will be about the next six episodes. The 13th and final episode will have the review of it’s own. If you have NOT watched the series please stop now because there are some spoilers.

On with the review of 13 Reasons Why- Part II (Episodes 7-12)

Tape 4: Side A aka Zach

Lonliness is such a difficult part of life. This episode finally hit home for me. When she said the word  lonely, it grabbed my attention. I’ve felt lonely most of my life. Not physically but emotionally. I grew up in a family where I was the outcast. Everyone else liked to fight and had friends. Me? I did my best to be good and stay out of trouble. When I did get into trouble I had everyone turn their backs on me. When I moved to a new town in the third grade the hardest time making friends. I wasn’t invited to birthday parties. I didn’t get to go hang out with friends. Not until the sixth grade. Even then it felt like everyone liked each other more than me. My first real best friend was in the 7th-8th grade. We did everything together. Then I lost her too. I was so alone. Walking the hallways with nobody. Going to class alone. Sitting alone at lunch. Being without friends can break you. Being without anyone to emotionally connect to, breaks you. I know what lonely is because even now I feel like I don’t have friends that care. I get these thoughts and feelings and I need to connect to someone on an emotional level and sometimes there’s nobody to connect with and it is so lonely.

I cried during this episode. I cried writing this post. I felt lonely last week. Like I was in my head screaming so loud and nobody could hear me. I have people that want to hear the latest life news but not one of them really cares about me. Or that’s how I really feel. My kids love me, yes, but this is a different kind of feeling.

Tape 4: Side B aka Ryan

Hannah wanted nothing more than to be heard by people that weren’t at school. She wanted to be able to have others feel her pain. She just didn’t want to deal with those that wouldn’t understand it or her words. Ryan was just another one of the 13 people that betrayed her, if it is 13 people who betrayed her.

Tape 5: Side A aka The Party

Rape should always be taken seriously and people should not stand by if they are witnessing something so horrific. Hannah stood by and I can see how knowing she could have stopped something from happening could damage her.

Tape 5: Side B aka Sheri

Knowing that an accident could have been prevented if you just got there in time can add on the guilt. Sheri could have been able to prevent the guilt being added onto Hannah if she would have just stopped and called the stop sign in. The wreck wouldn’t have happened.

Tape 6: Side A aka Clay

The tape that we all waited to hear. How could this person be on the tapes? What role did he play in Hannah’s suicide? To me he didn’t. He didn’t see her cry for help. That’s not really something we can blame on him. Like she said he doesn’t deserve to be on the tapes.

Hannah’s mother found the draft of who the tapes will go to. I’m interested in seeing where it’ll take us in the next episode. Which led to Clay’s mother needing to prepare him for the deposition.

I believe the hardest part was when Jessica found out she was raped. It can definately destroy her life and I understand why she’s behaving strange.

Tape 6: Side B aka Bryce

Rape can break a soul to pieces. It can tear you a part and leave you with a huge feeling of emptiness as deep as an abyss and you just feel like there’s no way out. Up until this episode I felt like that maybe it was every thing put together. That maybe all these things added up could break a person. But, most girls do go through stuff like this in high school.

Rape makes you feel like your life is no longer worth living. Hannah was already so broken and so upset that she found what hurt her so severely that she couldn’t forget it.

Review- Part II

If you can make it through the first six episodes, the next six episodes can make it well worth it. I think that it needs to come directly from someone that can relate to Hannah’s pain. There’s not always something we can relate to. Maybe you even relate to the people that hurt Hannah. Please stay on the look out for Part III of my 13 Reasons Why review. It will bring my conclusion and let you know how I feel about the ending.

Until then!



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