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13 Reasons Why- RATED Part I

I’m going, to be very honest here, I wasn’t going to watch this show when I first heard about it. I mean everyone was talking about it, people at work, my husband’s friends on his XBox, my friends and I finally gave in. I’m not even fully through the entire series yet and I wanted to start this post when the thoughts were fresh in my mind. If you haven’t watched it yet and don’t like spoilers please come back after you’ve watched it.

As a woman and a girl that has gone through bullying and a mother of a son who has been bullied before, I see what this girl has gone through from both views. I think we are all guilty of bullying and I think we all have been bullied in some way. When I was in 7th grade I didn’t even know I dressed differently until it was pointed out by a boy that I had a crush on. He said he wouldn’t go out with me because I had funny clothes. There were times that people made fun of the way I talked so I quit talking. There were times that people made me feel less than a human being and I didn’t want to be human anymore. As a mother, my son was being bullied and in this day and age, it’s hard for kids to be able to entrust in their parents about what is going on at school. I let my kids know every single day that if something is going on, they will always have me. I have had to tell a few 8-year-olds just how I felt because they were hitting my son with a backpack and calling him names.

On with the show….Here’s my review of 13 Reasons Why…Part I (Episodes 1-6)

Tape 1; Side A aka Justin’s Tape

What Justin did can really hurt a girls reputation. I can understand just by how he treated her and by sending that photo to friends, exactly why Hannah felt less than human. When people paint a picture of you and make you into something that you’re not, but you don’t have a chance to stand up and say you aren’t that type of person or that you didn’t do something it can really hurt you. It can make a person not to want to wake up in the morning, not to go to school, not to be in this world.

Tape 1; Side B aka Jessica

Having friends can be a very important part of our lives as young adults fighting our way through high school. Sometimes all we have is just one friend. When life takes a turn and you lose your best friend to a boy or other friends it can be a devastating experience. This person that seemed like they were attached to your hip is no longer there. They didn’t just fade away, they just ripped themselves away from you and went on with their life as if you never existed. You lost a person and you are grieving.

What’s more important here is that Jessica didn’t even care she hurt her friend. She let a stupid list and sex with a boy come between her and one of her best friends. She said a hurtful thing and used Hannah’s weakest moment against her. That’s just how the world works, we are happy to defend our friends but once we’re no longer friends we take that information and go to war with it. I have always refused to do this to one of my friends because what they confide in me during our friendship will always be kept between us.

Tape 2: Side A aka Alex

When I was in high school there was a notebook that went between me and my friends. It was so that we could all write into it to each other. Eventually, it got confiscated because of the things girls were discussing. I’m not even sure what was so bad about it.

I can see how Alex making the list and acting as if he had sex with Hannah could just add more fuel to the fire. Even more important is the fact that Alex was friends with Hannah and did this to her.

Tape 2: Side B aka Tyler

It wasn’t until this episode that I caught the feels. When the boys were toilet papering the Bakers house and Clay stopped them and the mother, her face…I’m an empath so I could feel exactly how she felt when Clay said he was a friend of Hannah’s. She felt like she could relive her daughter through her friends and part of her daughter would be back.

I think that this was a tragic event and that it lost Hannah another friend. Making her feel even more alone. Again, nobody knew that was her and Courtney in the photo and it could have been easily played off. To feel unsafe in the world is even worse than feeling bullied. The fear and anxiety of someone being there that will harm you literally suffocates you.

This episode ended great. Instead of throwing the rock at the window, he got a naked photo taken. Great job, Clay!

Tape 3: Side A aka Courtney

Courtney not wanting to be friends because of the photo may have been the turning point. She seems to be a good person that has all her ducks in a row and she doesn’t want that messed up or people to judge her for being different. Right when Hannah had nobody, Courtney made a choice to be there and to kiss Hannah. She was the one who told her to do it but then she turned around and put blame on Hannah. Courtney started her own rumors about Hannah and made it worse. Just piling the lies and bullying on more and more.

Victim blaming was a very strong part of this episode. Tyler had a picture going around of his butt. Come on,  it was his butt. The counselor made a remark of how he should be able to prevent stuff like this. Do people really get undressed with the blinds open though?

In the end of the episode Clay’s mom informs him she will be representing the school and be defending them. From my own personal experiences, the school doesn’t care about bullying. They turn a blind eye most of the time. That’s exactly what was done in this instance. The school should settle.

Tape 3: Side B aka Marcus

The beginning of the episode says it all about our society. People lining up to video a fight and someone getting hurt instead of taking a moment to step in and stop what was going on. I think the access to so many devices enhances the chances of bullying and parents not knowing. As a parent I believe our kids need their privacy and that they should be able to come to you with anything. Yet, my oldest son is only 8.

I felt like Marcus definately added fuel to the fire by trying to use her and doing it in front of his friends. At this point, Hannah felt like she was pulling hateful people toward her.

Review-Part I

I wanted to stop watching the show after the first five minutes. I continued to watch it thinking that it would get much better. I’m an empath and I can usually pick up on emotions but I didn’t feel any emotions in this show until episode 4 and the mother was crying, that felt real. After this episode, there wasn’t really a lack of emotions still. I could tell Clay was supposed to have some type of meaningful feelings toward Hannah but I feel like it wasn’t played appropriately. We will see how the next seven episodes go.

Please join me in my next blog entry. Until then!!



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