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Whole30 (Restart) Day 2

During the middle of the night of Day 2, I started craving sweets, I wanted a candy bar, a donut, anything sweet. Man, how I wanted some chips. But, I held strong and was able to overcome the need for these craving. For Day 2 I had almonds for breakfast, I know it wasn’t the best choice, but I really did not feel like getting up and making anything for myself. For lunch, I ate carrots and my homemade ranch dressing! Yes, it came out great, b.t.w. For dinner, I had two pork chops, a massive salad with my homemade ranch dressing, a banana, applesauce, and green beans.

I think now is the time I’ve realized I don’t totally follow the rules to a T with how I should be eating meals The other day I joined an FB group and found out that banana chia pudding is not compliant because you are replacing the urge to eat real pudding. But, that’s not even how I use it. I use it for my breakfast, I don’t eat it when I want pudding. So, I may continue to eat compliant ingredients and these non-compliant foods, as I breastfeed and I have to get different nutrients from different things. It’s hard to follow the rules when you nurse babies!

Anyways, I’m on Day 9 and am updating this as I go! Wish me luck!


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