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Whole30 (Restart) Day 1

Today was a good day to start Whole30. I have to admit that I am very surprised at the results I’ve had today. It’s absolutely amazing what a meal plan and a few extra days of preparation and grocery shopping will do. When I started this on the 9th I was very ill prepared and honestly, I felt devastated. I know I can do it, but eggs for breakfast, every day? Yuck and a salad with vinegar on it for lunch? Gross. I needed variety. I needed a meal plan. I needed something where I wouldn’t feel cheated, I wouldn’t feel starved, I wouldn’t feel like I’m on a diet. I wanted to be able to feel like I’m doing something to help me feel happy and to lose weight because I’m healthy not because that’s what I intend to do.

So, today I am feeling okay, I’m not disappointed in the meals I have eaten. I had a banana chai pudding for breakfast, so wonderful. Made with two banana’s, chai seeds, and almond milk. It was pretty fantastic. For lunch I had a cobb salad… kind of… I had homemade ranch dressing that I am pretty proud of, I made it from scratch and guess what? It tasted just like ranch dressing! I had some chicken, a hard boiled egg, romaine lettuce mix all in it. I had some raspberry fruit strips (all natural from Aldi’s) and some sweet potato chips (also all natural from Aldi’s) for a snack. For dinner I had baked chicken, with carrots and coconut butter, and a side of apple sauce. I think the snack part kind of goes against Whole30 rules, yes they are compliant but I’m supposed to be changing my eating habits.

So, I did not fail the first day! I don’t feel sad because all I can eat tomorrow are eggs and nothing. I feel very happy with the food choices we have available to us.



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