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Whole30- Day 1

It’s officially here! I have started the Whole30 from 12 am on. I am also only eating when I’m hungry, which helps me better mentally, so I don’t have to think about all the foods I should eat or am going to be eating for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Today I’ve just had fruit for breakfast. Since we eat dinner earlier now that I’ve gone back to work I will be eating dinner and then a snack at the end of the night depending on how hungry I am.

I have put the scale down, part of the whole30 process is not to weigh yourself during this time. I have taken my start pic and will update this post once I have completed today.

I have gone back to work and I get off at 3:30 am so I am a bit tired, but tomorrow and Saturday I am off! Then I took vacation days for my kid’s Spring Break, so my entire start week is focused on Whole30!

Right now my mood is that I can do this. I may just be hinting little reminders in the back of my head “Whole30, Whole30, Whole30” when I get the urge to eat. The best part is, I can have iced tea- unsweet of course, but I love tea!!

7 pm Update:

I’m super hungry right now, but I feel I have more energy. So for breakfast had some fruit, pineapple, grapes, and cantaloupe. For lunch, I ate a salad with balsamic vinegar and olive oil as a dressing and it sucked. For dinner I had a burger with no bun or anything, grilled off of our own grill and some grilled peppers.

I didn’t start wanting sweets until 7pm when I said the word cookie.



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