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Whole30 Journey- Before

Personally, I have always struggled with my weight and to be clear, in high school I was not overweight. I was 5′ 6″ at 136 pounds. Unfortunately for me, I had a mother that wanted to tear me down so I thought I was fat, I wore jackets to cover my fat stomach and my fat arms and my huge boobs because they were/are huge. I was ashamed of my body because my own mother shamed me. She made me feel like it was awful to be anything. One time, in third grade she mentioned that I was “just too tall” and “no man will ever want me”… like hello, I’m in 3rd grade, who cares about that at 8 years old??? She said that I would be much taller than all of the boys because my biological father is 6′ 1”.  Eye Roll. She made me feel that having huge boobs was a terrible thing. She said that no man would want a girl with huge boobs because they only want a woman with a hand full, anything more than that is just “too much”. I would in the shower because I hated my boobs so much. How about when she said that I had a bubble butt just like my grandmother… she made me feel awful about myself.

Nowadays I realize just how terrific these traits are. Heck, I sure wish I had a bigger butt and believe me I’ve done squats, lunges, and everything, I just never see results, not saying that others don’t see the results, I just personally don’t see my own results. I’m one of those people that are blind to how much I’ve changed until I look at pictures and I’m like whoa I’ve gained weight! I’m pretty much okay with my boobs, I mean a little reduction wouldn’t be a big deal but I prefer to keep them, they’ve fed 6 of my babies, so I’m happy with them. I thought I was fat back then in a size 7 jeans, I am embarrassed to put on my jeans now, it is awful. I don’t even think about my weight or how much baby weight I’ve put on or it for real makes me want to just break down and cry. I’ve lost a lot since having my last son, but I’ve gained some back since then. Nursing helps a lot but I want to get my life back and balance it out.

I absolutely LOVE to exercise, yes, I said it, I love to exercise. It makes me feel like I’m in control of my life, that I can accomplish anything, it makes me happy. But, with six kids, I have to figure out a time to exercise, I have to figure a time to clean… it can be tough.

Now, one thing I know for sure helps you in the weight loss process is diet. But, I’m breastfeeding so dieting is unacceptable. I would have to make sure I get enough calories to nurse my son. So, it’s not about losing weight for me, not until my son is weaned, but I am going to attempt to do the Whole30, to reset my body. To reset my life and make my habits better. I want to completely stop drinking anything with sugar in it, such as Dr. Pepper because it’s my fave drink. I need to cut down on my sugar intake and I just thought the Whole30 would be the perfect way to go at this point.

What is Whole30?

You basically cut out all grains, sugars, legumes, alcohol, and dairy. Yes, all these seem to be major food groups. But, I am going to let you join me on my own journey day by day on how I feel. I will be using my blog to keep you updated, maybe a few times a day, sometimes just once a day. My first day is March 9th! This Thursday, so I invite you to join me on this journey. If you need more information go to and read about it.


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