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Big Family, Small Minds

I don’t always have all six of my boys with me when I go out in public. Most of the time I’m grocery shopping or running errands and prefer to leave them at home with their dad. I most of the time take one or two with me, or maybe even three. Even with three, I get rude remarks or told that I have my hands full, nothing compared to the faces or remarks I get once I tell them this is only half of the children I do have.

I have taken all of my children with me, alone to some place and most of the time I get stares as though I’m this single mother with all these kids. People seem to feel sorry for me and offer me advice. I am not a single mother but people don’t care about that either. Here is just a taste of what I go through on a day to day basis with a big family.

To the car salesman that was questioning my income because he seen me with a cute baby and then started telling me all about his six kids, so I advised I too had six kids. When going over my income he stated: “well, we know that you don’t work, you obviously stay home with the kids.” Really? Is that not sexist or what? Just because I am a woman, I have to stay home and take care of six kids? Or are you stating that I cannot afford to work? Because, I very much do work, in fact, I am the sole provider of our “big family”. I nicely advised him that I do work and that I make xx per hour, which I won’t post here, but I do make pretty good money for a WOMAN and a MOTHER.

To the man in the theater at my sons’ program who stated that people who did not have a $100,000 income should not produce more than one child because they cannot financially provide for more than one child and they should at least give the children a fighting chance in this world. Let me just say that not everyone in this world is rich, some are rich with family and love and that’s what I tend to give my children. It’s not all about money when it comes to raising children, it’s about raising good people to do great things in this world. I do make a decent wage and bring home a decent paycheck. My children always have brand new school clothes and shoes every year. Brand new summer clothes and they do not go with out. My children have everything they need.

To the woman that asked, “you know what causes that right?” If you have to ask the question, do you know what causes it?

There’s much more, I could go on forever. There’s those that assume we are on welfare because we are a family of 8, those that assume that I’m a tired mother and don’t want to take time out of my busy time of being a mother to participate in my children’s school activities. Which I do participate in by the way. There’s those that ask me if I was trying to have a girl… nope we were not trying to have a girl.

I love having a big family. It makes holidays all the more fun and birthdays, well we already have a party right here.




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