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My Third Birthing Experience-2012

My third son was also born in the same hospital with the same doctor. At this point, an induction became a natural process for me. Being scheduled to be induced before my actual delivery date, I am ashamed to admit, became normal for me. So, I was scheduled to be induced on January 3oth and I went in to be induced.

My doctor decided since I went in that she would wait to start the Pitocin until the next day. The problem was, I had already went into labor. Before I even walked out the door to go to the hospital I had already lost my plug and was contracting, just not that bad. My aunt actually took us to the hospital to have our baby. I had already planned and gotten used to the idea of the epidural, to me it made life easy, not having to feel the hurt and pain and agony of birth, of which I really never felt in the first place.

I decided to get some sleep before all of the commotion started. Well, some time after midnight on January 31st, I started having transitional contractions. I told them I wanted my epidural and the nurse refused. I felt his head trying to come out, the doctor finally agreed to the epidural. The pain doctor threw me on my side, he was fired after doing this to several patients. I pushed my third son out, easily with pain meds.

If I could change anything, I would have went ahead and pushed him out without the epidural. If I had known what I do now.432370_10150583174603685_124572610_n.jpg


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